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Naomi and William J. Winchester, Jr., 

Parents of Charter Member

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Brave little Hearts for Michael and Frie
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Board of Directors

Meet The Team

William is the father of Charter Member Michael Richard Croix and cofounder of Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends.   His dedication to the fighting spirit required to advocate for the best medical care for Michael Richard was cultivated while he was in the Marine Corps (’96-’02).  He has infused his passionate message, “never give up” and “give your child a fighting chance” in the life he lived for Michael. William knows this must be the mindset of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) families as they push through what often feels like a grueling marathon. 


Michael’s journey touched his father in an extraordinary way. William returned to higher education in 2016, changing his major from Electrical Engineering to Biomedical Engineering, driven by the specialized needs of his son and the desire to help all children in the uncertain world of CHD. William completed his Biomedical Engineering degree in May 2020. His steadfast devotion to the family unit and commitment to working with CHD families helps them fill the many gaps that health insurance does not cover.

William previously worked as a casino/hospitality professional for 16 years, serving various positions in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  He is now building a path in Biomedical Engineering a special bond he will always have with little Michael. He is the proud father of four sons, of which one is now a Heart Angel.

Naomi is the mother of Brave little Hearts Charter Member, Michael Richard Croix Winchester. She understands first-hand the importance of building sustainable support for the entire Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) family. Michael was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, an often fatal form of CHD. Michael, being the youngest of four boys, needed around the clock support. Naomi was overwhelmed with the responsibility to manage a home while overnight stays at the hospital were necessary. As a result, after working for Homeland Security for 10 years, she resigned to educate and prepare herself and family for the difficult road ahead.

Her plight as a CHD mom was the catalyst for the founding of Brave little Hearts and Naomi is committed to its mission. She works tirelessly spreading hope to other CHD families. Naomi, together with the board, embrace the growth of Brave little Hearts and appreciate the many volunteers and donors from across the country. Naomi also contributes her time and efforts to other community boards and committees, volunteering as needed.

Naomi is gifted with a creative flair and this skill is instrumental in communicating Brave little Hearts’ mission. Naomi’s promotional advertising campaigns and creative fund-raising activities provide continuous support to CHD families.

William J. Winchester - BIO PICTURE.jpg

William J. Winchester, Jr.
Vice Chair
BS - Bio Medical Engineering, US Marine Corp

Naomi Winchester 
Founder and Chair
BS - Print Management, Technology and Communications

Destiney Hill - BIO PICTURE _edited_edited.jpg
Schyuler Barbour-Johnson BIO Picture.jpeg

Destiney has a special passion to help others. She shares her desire and passion on the frontlines supporting many causes  along with supporting families battling Congenital Heart Disease. Destiney’s tireless commitment to serving her community is demonstrated in the 10 years she has partnered with non-profit organizations, which include The Laurel House, The Salvation Army, Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center, The Hospitality Center, and Convoy of Hope. She and her husband, Robert and son, Christian, also strive to make a difference in as many lives as they can.

Destiney also trained with Alpha USA (a global organization) and hosted an online class exhibiting ways to support communities and show love, peace, and tranquility to guests through the digital experience. She believes in a quote by Booker T. Washington, “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

Destiney has a BS in Business Administration and a minor in Sales and Marketing.

Schyuler Barbour-Johnson
MSN, Certified Register Nurse Practitioner

As a Nurse Practitioner, Schyuler advocates for patients daily in the health care system. Therefore, she empathized with the parents and caregivers of children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). Schyuler is passionate about helping and ensuring quality of care for people and those who need various support mechanisms to prevent feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends demonstrates its commitment to assist parents and caregivers of CHD children with their needs and she enthusiastically joined the mission! 

During Schyuler's career, she has held various healthcare leadership positions.  She has helped companies in business development, managing operational and staffing expense, and creating and developing teams. Schyuler has successfully contributed to implementing and leading projects for streamlining processes or improving outcomes.

Schyuler actively performs community service. She also enjoys listening to jazz music, exercising, and traveling.

Carolyn is an author and joined the board of Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends when she was writing her first book, Prayers of My Mother, Volume I. Touched by an encounter with Michael Richard Croix Winchester, she was compelled to include the experience in this book. Upon meeting him, Carolyn was astounded by Michael’s energy to do and be just like his older brothers, regardless of the physical constraints of his body. It was as if he had none!


She also had the opportunity to observe the overwhelming schedule his family followed to ensure Michael had the best of care. Carolyn is committed to Brave little Hearts’ mission providing assistance to families struggling to care for their children who also have Congenital Heart Disease.

Carolyn has a BS in Management. She is a part-time educator, author, real estate broker, certified internal auditor, and retired law enforcement officer. During her professional career of 33 years, Carolyn prepared for post-retirement completing the audit certification and real estate licenses to fulfill the interests and hobbies she enjoyed. She joined her local public school district staff to give back by assisting others striving to complete their educational endeavors. Carolyn has one daughter and two grandchildren. 

Carolyn L Austin - BIO PICTURE.jpg

Destiney Hill
Assistant Manager, Citizens Bank, Retail Banking, 
Nationwide Mortgage, Licensing System Certification

Carolyn Austin, Financial & Compliance Auditor
Author, Real Estate Broker, Certified Internal Auditor,
Retired Law Enforcement Officer


Meet The Team

Frances Sandoval - BIO PICTURE.jpg

Frances SandavolMBA, Real Estate Agent, Financial Advisor,Insurance Agent

Frances was committed to Brave little Hearts since its inception. Her  goal is “To inspire and empower families that have children with Critical Congenital Heart Disease who require fulltime care.” While in the field of Human Resource Management, Frances worked with families for many years, assisting them to resolve their life concerns. It was this same work that prepared Frances to work with Brave little Hearts’ families.

Frances retired from the USPS as an Acquisition and Contract Specialist. She possesses over 20 years of experience in Human Resource Management. Frances spent many years as the Director of Training for Guest Services Corporations. While working there, she served on the Board for the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington and as chairperson and task force member of the education committee.

Marcey Carroll - BIO PICTURE_edited.jpg

Marcey L. Carroll,

 MBA, Senior VP, 
First Trust Bank

Marcey believes every child should be born happy and healthy. Unfortunately, this is not the case; too many children are born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). Therefore, Marcey was attracted to join the board of Brave little Hearts to bring awareness to this condition. She believes its mission to provide guidance and support to CHD families is truly a blessing to the community.

Marcey is a seasoned professional with over thirty years of commercial banking experience in both relationship and portfolio management.  Her expertise covers most types of commercial lending transactions including asset-based lending, enterprise/cash flow lending, commercial real estate, and specialty finance deals. In her spare time, Marcey is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., performing community service in her local area. She also enjoys exercising, sports, and traveling.


LTC (retired) Arthurine Jones
MS, MBA Master Facilitator,Retired Law Enforcement

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Arthurine Jones has been passionate about Brave little Hearts since its beginning. Michael Richard Croix Winchester’s faithful, supportive, and relentless family birthed the creation of Brave little Hearts. His brief life was racked with the struggles and pain of congenital heart disease. She is extremely committed to upholding the memory of little Michael. LTC Jones fully embraces the vision and mission of this organization that supports and advocates for children and families who share in little Michael’s suffering while fighting congenital heart disease. She will forever cherish that contagious smile and tenacious spirit Michael displayed as he strived to live each day of his life to the fullest. His life was not in vain; it continues to have purpose.


Arthurine Jones, as a civilian professional, served a 37-year noteworthy tenured United States Postal Service career. It encompassed 15 years in various capacities and a 22-year federal law enforcement career with the United States Postal Inspection Service. LTC Jones personal and professional accomplishments exemplify leadership at its finest. Her humble demeanor illustrates excellence, fitness, professionalism, and courage.


LTC Jones is an advocate of democracy and freedom for all and is committed to the fight against terrorism. She supports the rights and freedoms for all Americans - Veterans and humankind. Although, LTC Jones has seen the worst of human nature through her professional and military service, she has the unique ability to bring out the best in those around her.

Meet The Team

Paulette 2_edited.jpg

Dr. Paulette Jones

Paulette serves as the Executive Director of Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends and has been an integral part of the organization’s growth and development since 2015. Brave little Hearts’ mission to help families impacted by Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), holds a special place in Paulette’s heart because its Charter Member, Master Michael Richard Croix Winchester. He will forever have a special place in her heart as she was privileged to be a part of his three-year journey during which he made waves and kept everyone on their toes. Although his life on this earth was short, his purpose will live on forever. Paulette is committed to keeping Michael’s legacy alive by blessing other families on their CHD journey.


Paulette’s has a heavy heart for her community, reflected through a multitude of leadership positions in civic and community service work and volunteer organizations for over forty years. She is an ordained minister, c

Anitra Joyner 1.jpg

Anitra Joyner


Anitra first served as a volunteer, assisting us virtually over the covid-19 2020 dance a thon and annual desinger bingo, she even assisted us with the first virtural CHD awareness Week in 2021. After a trailblazing year of virtual support she signed up to staff our pop up booth for the Plymouth Township Day where she met the team for the for time face to face. After a year presenting her dedication she was  elected as a board director and appointed to the role of Secretary.


Anitra received Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management, at Strayer University. Anitra has held administrative system support positions gaining skills ; to educated clients on system and program procedures and guidelines to eliminate errors and maintain compliance. Making her role as secretary a perfect fit. 

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