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Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends, Charter Member

Michael R.C.Winchester

Michael’s Story began from the humbling journey of parents with a child born with a life-threatening heart defect. Michael spent his first year of life in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit supported by tubes, monitoring equipment, and medical staff. This unfamiliar situation found the family overshadowed with fearful thoughts that included would he live, would he ever come home. The power of prayer and hope prevailed. 

He came home, they continue to hope, fight, and plan for him to live as they continue to learn on- the-job coping mechanisms for Michael’s day-to-day needs. Unfortunately, Michael’s heart could not handle the stress of his last open heart surgery and he passed on March 6, 2017 just a couple weeks’ shy of his 3rd birthday. Michael was a happy baby and brightened the day of everyone he touched. Please help us continue Michael’s legacy of fighting against the odds and brightening the day of those children and families that feel like they are hopeless.


In memory of Michael Richard Croix Winchester, the Pennsylvania State Legislature declared March 6, 2018 to be Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Day To promote awareness of this often fatal heart defect. 

As the charter member, for Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends and the tough fight he fought daily.  I don't want to ever stop fight for the life of a CHD Kid. Michael was not a long and no CHD KID should be alone. The love that was poured into him was a testimony that love can heal the heart.

We are not all granted a long life but it's what we do with it. The time we share together is the journey, the self-determination to keep going even when the pain seems unbearable.  Michael was a true heart warrior. He smiled and never stopped learning, ( He never stopped teaching). Event through this organization he is helping others, " Life After Death" the legacy to bring awareness and raise funds for CHD Programing. 

Board of Directors

Meet The Team

Naomi Winchester 

Founder and Board Chair 

Website Manager and Recruiter of Project Chairs. The mother of the charter member. CHD Awareness Week Webinar Coordinator 

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William J. Winchester, Jr.

Board Co-Chair and CHD Angel Dad, the balancing advocate for launching new projects and administration management. 

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Marcey Carroll

Board Member  and  Treasure,

Vendor booth, financial advocate 

and for our International Project  on EARTH DAY 2022   Project Chair 

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Carolyn Austin 

Board Member   and

Financial Auditor Officer

Provides the best design and decor for our holiday benefits.

Author "Prayers of My Mother"

- Provides a Living Interpretation of Our Charter Member

Michael Richard Winchester

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Destiney Hill

Board Member and

Volunteer Since 2018, providing a great support of community outreach to the local schools, Churches and business owners.

2020 - 1st Virtual  Dance A Thon Chair

Currently managing the 

Fundly Project as Chair. 

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Schyuler Bour-Johnson

Board Member,

Took Action!  As a liaison to build a committee to involve the medical and science professionals.  We are now affiliated with three of the top COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturers. 

 Participated in the March 6th Memorial and HLHS Awareness as guest of the 

QHarriss Show (FOX 29) 

to Share our CHD Facts and Bring Awareness to PA-HLHS DAY,

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Committee Chair

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Incorporation Team 

Frances Sandavol

Board Member Since Incorporation


Former Secretary

The voice of the monthly meetings, she was the queen of organizing  and documenting corpspondancies and minutes .  Keeping project focus, and  providing timely reminders and announcements . 

Always a contributor, provided guidance to the Youth Volunteer onboarding process for Designer Bingo event day. 

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Dr. Paulette Jones 

Board Member Since Incorporation


Former Executive Director

As Executive Director she coordinated a team of leadership directors. Just think, a pray group of women heard the voice of a CHD grandmother, and they spread their wings and shielded a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit to help build a legacy for her Grandson.

 "The Governor of CHOP CICU 2014" and the motivation and know how, to spread hope in the middle of a storm.  

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LTC (retired) Arthurine Jones

Board Member Since Incorporation 

Kids Corner Committee Chair  and Backstage Production Chair,  Insurances Adjust, and guarantee that all projects are in compliance with our local state and federal laws and the protection of the organization is top notch. 

The fortitude of LTC Retired, took the organization international as she channeled the 82 km waterway in Panama Canal, where the Atlantic Ocean connects to Pacific Ocean.

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