Our Journey

Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends was born through the journey of a mother with a child born with a heart defect. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, HLHS. The left side of the heart was underdeveloped. The cause is unknown and there is no cure. Treatments and medications help manage the symptoms. Michael HLHS was Critical therefore the CICU was his home the first year of his life. 

The CHD journey is a hardship on the entire family. As a mother, she was determined to provide the best opportunity regardless of his prognosis. Therefore, she resigned from her career and found ways to gain knowledge and understanding on how to be the best advocate for Michael. Michael’s father who traveled weekly cross state lines to work. The care for Michael ment one income.


Yes, they were fortunate to have family support but they too had a huge learning curve when it came to Michael’s care.  Through hard work and sacrifice they found a way. Being a giving family, they also wanted to help other families reach their fullest potential.

In our storm we want to shine our light bright, so others can see their way too.  Michael's story inspired the birth of Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends. Which is now growing and looking for more volunteers and sponsors.

“You don’t travel the CHD road alone. Our heart’s beat stronger, when we help each other.”


~ Michael’s Family



Michael lived here for his first  11 months before coming home.


First Day Home, Rainbow appears as they prepare to take him in the home for the first time. 

Michael At Play,

Meets the therapist at Chatter splatter

Little Boy Playing Doctor

What is CHD?

Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) affects 1 IN EVERY 100 newborns, and it is the most common birth defect worldwide. More than 40,000 babies are born with CHD every year in the United States alone. There is no cure and no known cause for CHD.  We do know  it’s a life-long medical condition and that life-saving surgeries and the love of family is the special hope for these new hearts.