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We have volunteer slots with career building roles and responsibility.  We are seeking out  Social Media Manager, Data tracking Assistant to Project Managers.  If you would like to volunteer, we want to hear from you!





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We work with Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, CHOP, to get connected to families with CHD.  


We've partnered with DISCOVERY TOYS to create one of our favorite projects :  "BIRTHDAY BOXES".


When a child has to spend a birthday in the hospital, we bring them a Birthday Box with age-appropriate books, Discovery Toys, and other goodies.  


How can YOU help?  

  1. You can donate the $30 for a birthday box

  2. You can volunteer to purchase and put together the components of a specific child's box.  We'll combine what you provide with the Discovery Toys and deliver it to the child on his or her birthday.  

Make It a Family Project!

This is a great way to get YOUR kids involved.  Your kids can help you get the items for the Birthday Box.  We'll send you pictures of the child you're helping (when available) and a picture of them opening the box, to make your kids feel connected and help learn the value of giving.


Michael's Family knows first hand about the financial hardships that come with all the expenses that insurance does not cover.  Whether it's having to live part time in a city far from home, while your child is in the hospital there, or whether it's home care expenses not covered in the transition home, or even the loss of a job when a parent is needed as a round-the-clock caretaker.  

Brave little Hearts raises money to help families with these types of expenses.  And, there is just no substitute for the dollars.  Please help us help them, as they love and sustain these precious lives.

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Objective: Blacks In Government Health and Wellness Program promotes education, improvement, health care concerns, and generate interest in the health status of African Americans. The Health and Wellness Committee is responsible for implementing these health activities through national symposiums concerning African Americans. The Health Program helps to raise awareness of the unacceptable level of illness, suffering, actions to ensure healthier lifestyles, and good health among members of Blacks In Government.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are at the heart of our mission. By sharing your time and skills, we are able to improve the CHD individuals and families affected by Congenital Heart Disease through connecting them to support, education, and advocacy.


The following are current volunteer opportunities: (see below for detailed description)

  • Program Facilitator/Presenter Opportunities:

    • Annual Holiday Benefits like BIngo, Dance A Thon and more 

    • Birthday Boxes

    • Booth Exhibits in Hospitals or Community programs

    • Family Advocacy Support Group

    • Insurance Financial Gaps

  • Event Volunteer 

    • CHD Walk/Run 

    • Benefit for  CHD Awareness and Individual Support

    • Community Awareness programs / Booths 

  • Committee/ Board  Volunteer – light administrative work or project planning

  • Corporate Sponsorships or Donation Drives- Organize  Brave little Hearts Fundraising Event – in your community or workplace.



Virtual and in person presenters must be an individual with lived experience and willing to share your story through a 5 min -- 10min presentation. Participate in a Brave little Hearts Volunteer training guide will be provided and is required.

Two presenter opportunities:  

  • Youth  Presenter – must be between the ages of 16- 20 yrs with lived experience to share your story with high school aged youth.

  • Adult Presenter – must be 21 yrs or older and a family member/loved of someone with CHD illness.


Volunteers will have a space in the lobby of hospitals during visitation hours where they will provide visitors with information on Brave little Hearts Non-profit and CHD facts. 

Looking for Facilitators to run a once a month support group for family members/loved ones of someone living with a CHD Child.

Looking for Facilitators to run a once a month support group to share their story.


If you have questions or would like to get involved please reach out to us at

If you are ready to volunteer, please fill out the following Volunteer Application. 


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