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We work with Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, CHOP, to get connected to families with CHD.  We've partnered with DISCOVERY TOYS to create one of our favorite projects :  "BIRTHDAY BOXES".


When a child has to spend a birthday in the hospital, we bring them a Birthday Box with age-appropriate books, Discovery Toys, and other goodies.  


How can YOU help?  

  1. You can donate the $30 for a birthday box

  2. You can volunteer to purchase and put together the components of a specific child's box.  We'll combine what you provide with the Discovery Toys and deliver it to the child on his or her birthday.  

Make It a Family Project!

This is a great way to get YOUR kids involved.  Your kids can help you get the items for the Birthday Box.  We'll send you pictures of the child you're helping (when available) and a picture of them opening the box, to make your kids feel connected and help learn the value of giving.

Image by Giorgio Trovato


Michael's Family knows first hand about the financial hardships that come with all the expenses that insurance does not cover.  Whether it's having to live part time in a city far from home, while your child is in the hospital there, or whether it's home care expenses not covered in the transition home, or even the loss of a job when a parent is needed as a round-the-clock caretaker.  

Brave little Hearts raises money to help families with these types of expenses.  And, there is just no substitute for the dollars.  Please help us help them, as they love and sustain these precious lives.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Do you have skills that help businesses run?  

A non profit can use them!  

From Social Media to Data Entry to Accounting.  If you would like to volunteer your skills to help us run this program, we want to hear from you!

Are you crafty?  Do you want a project to do with YOUR kids?  Contact us with your ideas (or to hear ours) about what you can do besides the birthday boxes.  Kids in hospitals get so much joy from cards, & care packages ... (and so do parents living far from home).  


Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends

P O Box 610

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

501(c)(3) nonprofit - Human Services provided for families and children impacted by Congenital Heart Disease