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Naomi Winchester, Chair and Founder


The Founder and Chair of Brave little Hearts for Michael and Friends. As the mother of Charter Member, Michael Richard, Naomi, understands first hand the importance of building sustainable support for the whole CHD family. Michael was diagnosed with an often fatal Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome ( HLHS). As a mother of four boys and Michael being the youngest, she knew she was going to need around the clock support. The overwhelming thoughts of how to manage a home as a hospital overnight was a challenge. Staffing the proper care team was a stressful but educational process. Naomi knew she had to resign from her 10 year career with Homeland Security as a Secure Flight Analyst. Naomi also worked with the Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc as a Production Manager after obtaining her Bachelor of Science Degree in Print Management Technology and Communications, in the School of Journalism at Florida A&M University.


Naomi is blessed with a resourceful board of directors, who helped from the start and continues to play a vital role in Brave little Hearts today. The growth of Brave little Hearts is passionately embraced by the board members, many volunteers and donors from across the country. While Naomi has always served in charitable organizations and volunteers in her community programs, taking action by founding Brave little Hearts has given her a new meaning to living with purpose and spreading hope to other CHD families.